We checked in with Jackie on what’s going on in the East African ICT market, and the role Workonline is playing. She also shares her tips for doing business in East Africa.

East Africa has come a long way, with affordable internet coupled with smartphone adoption leading to growth of the ICT market in both the public and private sectors of the economy. As a result, we now have much higher ICT penetration levels than was earlier forecast.

The unification of business, legal and regulatory frameworks has positioned East Africa as a solid economic bloc. This has led to innovation, service diversification and network sharing, not forgetting the increase in regional connectivity, convergence and disruptive Internet of Things (IoT).

As more organisations slowly migrate their ICT assets to cloud architecture, the role of robust, flexible and open access networks can no longer be under-estimated in East Africa. At Workonline, we are proud to enable an open and fair competitive environment. We are here to bring a fresh wave of strategic partnerships, flexibility, experience and knowledge into the region.

We look forward to the development of a vibrant, sustainable, growth-orientated ecosystem in East Africa.

Top tips for doing business in East Africa:

Have a passion for the industry
Understand the business culture across the region.
Form strategic partnerships
Take a customer-centric approach