Our focus is on delivering wholesale connectivity. The services we provide include IP transit services, wholesale Ethernet transport services, remote peering services to the major Internet Exchanges (IXs) in Africa, Europe and Asia, as well as colocation services in Africa.

We pride ourselves on ensuring our customers receive only the highest quality of service. To deliver on this promise, our team of locally based engineers provides year-round, 24/7 monitoring, management and technical support services.

As further guarantee of our commitment to our customers, our Service Level Agreement (SLA) can be customised to suit a range of stringent and specialised needs.

IP Transit

IP Transit is a critical component of any fast-growing Internet ecosystem. As one of Africa’s leading IP transit providers, we operate an autonomous system – (AS) 37271 – with a single, consistent, global routing policy. This provides content networks and service providers direct connectivity to the African and global Internet through the best available routes.

Ethernet Transport Services

The Workonline Ethernet services provide VLAN transparency and any-to-any connectivity to high data traffic locations, ensuring optimal conditions suited to business-critical global connectivity. Our off-continent connectivity services can be delivered at major European and Asian hubs.

Remote Peering

We provide partial transit and remote peering services to leading global IXs. These services are delivered over our high-quality backbone from any of our African POPs. The off-continent IXs we offer these services to, include:

  • Netherlands AMS-IX, NL-IX
  • France: France-IX
  • Germany: DE-CIX Frankfurt
  • Singapore: EIE Singapore
  • United Kingdom: LINX, LONAP

Remote Cloud Connect L2 Services

Remote Cloud Connect provides remote connections to cloud platforms such as Google Cloud, AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure Express Route, Oracle and IBM by leveraging global cloud exchange platforms, including Teraco, InterXion and Equinix. This low latency cloud solution is delivered over a dedicated Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) service.

Regional Licenses

Workonline is proud to be licensed by the following authorities:

  • Ghana: National Communications Authority (NCA)
  • Kenya: Communications Authority (CA)
  • Nigeria: Communications Commission (NCC)
  • Rwanda: Rwanda Information Technology Authority (ITA)
  • South Africa: Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)

Workonline is also a member of the Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) and is therefore bound to uphold the ISPA Code of Conduct, as well as the iCode code of conduct.