Carrier Community hosted its exclusive CC-Global Awards (CCGA) ceremony in June, attracting over 200 members who joined the prestigious event. Held at the renowned Metropol venue in Berlin on June 27th, the 7th annual CCGA celebrated the exceptional accomplishments of leading telecommunications companies from around the world.

Among the recipients of the CC-Global Awards was Workonline Communications, awarded as the Africa Regional Operator of the Year. This recognition acknowledges their outstanding contributions and innovations within the telecommunications sector, independently evaluated by a panel of telecom analysts and industry experts.

The event, featuring over 50 categories and 40 deserving winners, attracted significant attention with more than 200 physical and virtual participants. A live broadcast ensured that those unable to attend the ceremony at Metropol Berlin could still partake in the experience.

The occasion served as a unifying platform, honoring exceptional accomplishments within the industry and recognizing the finest players. Workonline Communications’ achievement stood out among notable accolades, showcasing the company’s dedication and impact within the African telecommunications landscape.

Expressing her delight, Wida Schmidt, the CEO of CC, conveyed her gratitude to all the attendees who contributed to the success of the CC-Global Awards Ceremony 2023 (CCGA). She remarked on the joy of celebrating remarkable achievements and industry innovations, specifically highlighting Workonline Communications’ outstanding win as the Africa Regional Operator of the Year.

“I want to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined our CC-Global Awards Ceremony 2023 (CCGA) last night and supported us in making this happen,” said Wida Schmidt.