Mobile-first fintech service provider Entersekt taps Workonline for international resiliency and redundancy

Entersekt is a Stellenbosch-headquartered software company serving financial institutions and other service providers in Africa, Europe and North America, so the redundancy and resiliency of its services are paramount. To ensure this, when it recently established a new hosting facility for its client-facing services in Cape Town, South Africa it specifically selected multiple transit providers, including Workonline, that use a wide range of international cable systems.

“We prefer to employ services from transit providers that have a good local and international peering footprint. Highly reliable local and international connectivity and optimal latency are both key to our business,” said Albertus van der Vyver, cloud architect at Entersekt. “We also see it as an advantage to purchase transit from a wholesaler with direct international reach, to simplify and expedite turnaround time for issues related to international peering problems or carrier outages. Pricing is also a very important factor. For us, Workonline met all these requirements.”

Entersekt’s investment in the provision of high quality IP services for the distribution of their software has meant that they can offer their end users with higher levels of resiliency and reliability, resulting in a superior user experience. Their market-leading authentication and app security product, Transakt, is used by millions of people in 45 countries to secure their mobile and online banking and m- and e-commerce payments. Entersekt has recently also expanded into mobile payment enablement, providing banks with a growing menu of third-party mobile payment services which they can quickly and easily switch on within their own apps.