What happens when a group of tech savvy entrepreneurial friends start imagining their ideal fibre ISP? One where they would get the speeds that they paid for and weren’t just a number in a support queue. They go ahead and build it, of course. Which is exactly what the founders of Cape Town-based ISP, Atomic Access did, launching to friends and family in February this year and officially in August 2018.

Workonline has been there from the get-go, offering not only competitive prices on IP transit, but a minimum committed rate and burst peak rate commercial structure that suited Atomic’s needs. This meant that Atomic only signed up for a small bill but had the ability to ramp up traffic if they needed to as they grew. Which they did, and at that point Workonline offered them the flexibility to renegotiate their contract much sooner than anticipated.

“Workonline has allowed us to hit the ground running with their very competitive pricing and was key to helping us launch our ISP,” says Nicholas Soper, Atomic Access MD and co-founder.

But it’s not only the affordability and flexible pricing that was important to Atomic. “The free IPv6 transit is very cool and pushed us to be a dual-stack ISP from the get go,” says Soper.

And the third piece of the puzzle, says Soper, making Workonline an important partner for this feisty new ISP, is the people. “They are approachable and friendly, knowledgeable and experienced, and care about the upstream issues that affect us,” says Soper.