Workonline partnered with Edgelink to enable them to grow in their market in Kenya.

A Nairobi-based ISP, Edgelink Communications, signed up for Workonline IP transit services early this year. “Our clients complaints stopped instantly and all issues regarding throughput and stability became a thing of the past,” says Edgelink Network Engineer, Mr. Victor Muhia.

“We needed to move to the next level in terms of quality of service, access to CDNs, have network stability and enjoy the services of a well-peered network. The support we have received during the on-boarding process left us speechless and we have since never looked back. It is so refreshing for us to work with a partner who specialises in wholesale and doesn’t compete with its customers,” Mr. Muhia continues.

The relatively young ISP provides Internet, local loop, and IP TV services to corporates, resellers and the retail market. Edgelink’s initial teething problems with throughput and stability were due to the intermittent nature of its early wireless platform. As its customer base grew, there was a need to migrate to a fibre platform, which was critical in improving the quality of services as well as minimising the churn of clients. Most important for Edgelink was to provide services with low latency and access to CDNs such as Netflix and Google Global Cache (GGC).

Another critical success factor was the collaboration with a key partner, Workonline Communications, that has enabled Edgelink to compete at an entirely different level within its local market. One of the critical benefits of the Workonline partnership has been the acquisition of an autonomous system number (ie AS328438). Edgelink can now brand its services like any other established ISP and peer at the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP).

Building on this solid base, Edgelink has now set its sights on future expansion with the plan to open a new metro PoP in Kenya.