As the quantity of National as well as International transport services in South Africa increases, with new carriers entering the market to fulfil the bandwidth needs of South African businesses, Workonline has manoeuvred into the niche space of being able to offer end to end managed wholesale solutions. This is a blend of our Managed Solutions under Enterprise Services, and Carrier Supporting Carrier Solutions under Carrier Services.

Due to our modular approach to network design, this blend of services has allowed us to offer core network management services assisting new carriers to be formed without necessarily having the in-depth skill and staff required to manage a core network. This also severely reduces the barrier to entry for new carriers to ensure that the market remains competitive and focused on true value, and assists medium and large enterprises to regain control of their core networks.

These new carriers or medium and large enterprises are now able to depend on the Workonline 24/7 NOC and heavily peered core IP network to offer best of breed services to their clients while they focus on increasing volumes to get to a stage where they can manage their own core network and fall into the pure Carrier Services division of Workonline.

We encourage these clients to build flexibility into the very core of their network design by applying for their own range of IPv4 or IPv6 public address space and Autonomous System Numbers (ASN), to ensure that they are able to remain competitive and independent as their business grows.

With the market opening and monopolies struggling to retain unhappy clients who previously had little alternatives, entrepreneurial concepts such as these are allowing IT service providers to diversify and generate new revenue streams from their existing client base.

Feel free to contact us for more information and case studies on how this model can benefit your business.