Being passionate about the growth and development of sub-Saharan Africa through education, employment, and financial inclusion, Workonline is pleased to announce the recent addition of the Seychelles exchange,Trop-X, to our growing list of special service clients.

In brief, Trop-X is the licensed multi-asset, multi-currency securities exchange, providing for and regulating the trading of equities, debt, derivatives, FX products and more. Trop-X was created to serve the local Seychelles and broader regional markets with an initial special focus on Southern Africa.

We share the belief that lower cost and more technologically advanced financial exchanges will have a positive socio economic impact in sub-Saharan Africa. The creation of this new exchange, as well as others to come, includes a new market construct for listed Venture Capital and SMME’s to facilitate economic growth and job creation, while being aligned to government policy.

In line with the above, joining ABN??ç?ûs Samantha Loring for more is Ed Tuohy, COO at the South African Financial Exchange:

NamFin-X, has also recently received approval to establish a second exchange in Namibia.