The Hague, November 13, 2016

South African service provider Workonline Communications now also offers its customers a connection to the NL-ix peering fabric in Amsterdam, as well as peering on this themselves. NL-ix is a distributed Internet Exchange (IX) with over 100 interconnected datacenters in 30 cities spread throughout 13 countries in Europe.

“As a member of NL-ix, Workonline can now peer with all NL-ix members in Amsterdam. In addition, as a reseller, we can enable our clients to peer with all members connected to the NL-ix EU peering fabric.” says Edward Lawrence, Director of Business Development for Workonline Communications, “adding even more weight to our commitment to connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa.”

Networks connecting to NL-ix will be able to reach the 471 other networks that are connected to NL-ix, anywhere in Europe.

Jan Hoogenboom, founder of NL-ix is excited with this new partnership: “We see every new reseller as a very welcome extension to the reach and the added value of our exchange. I am sure both the Workonline clients as well as the NL-ix members will benefit from this partnership.”