Pan-African terrestrial network service provider Workonline Communications has agreed to sponsor high-speed connectivity delivered over their metropolitan fibre network for an innovative South African company, Cape Town Garage – in turn supporting African entrepreneurs and new businesses.

Cape Town Garage is a provider of open plan, co-working space for startups, techies, entrepreneurs and new economy businesses. General Manager, Dante Roets, explains that the company provides a flexible, all-inclusive office solution in an ideal area of the city. Cape Town Garage members include Dream Mobile, Peach Payments and funding and business incubator 88MPH, amongst others.

Workonline Communications Director of Business Development, Edward Lawrence, explains that entrepreneurship and business incubation are causes of particular importance to the organisation. “Workonline Communications emanated from a business incubator model such as 88MPH. The growth in our own organisation is proof that with the right idea and the right support, entrepreneurs can build successful businesses – and this is something we strongly support.” Founded in Cape Town in 2006, Workonline Communications is a privately owned company whose customers include some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. The company has grown rapidly over the past 8 years of operation, and now operates multiple points of presence (PoPs) throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.

Cape Town Garage’s Roets explains that emerging markets present both pros and cons for entrepreneurs. “While a smaller market means less competition in terms of new businesses, it also means there are certain barriers in terms of scaling.”

“Our business is to provide a creative, exciting, reliable and innovative work space for entrepreneurs, start ups and freelancers across various stages of their business. Workonline Communications’ high-speed bandwidth is not only helpful in allowing us to provide this to our clients, but also allows them to work in an environment that is supportive of their unique businesses. Additionally, this sponsorship is helpful in allowing us to keep costs as low as possible for our tenants, whose businesses we help nurture in any way possible.”

In conclusion, Lawrence highlights the importance of entrepreneurship and the support thereof in an emerging market such as Africa, where the economy is plagued by unemployment and poverty. “It is important for all relevant industry stakeholders to realise the important role they are able to play in the support of local business and entrepreneurship, and to take it upon themselves to provide this support wherever possible.”