Workonline Communications and TeliaSonera International Carrier (TSIC) announce their cooperation to increase the quality of IP transit and connectivity services in Africa.

Workonline Communications, a South African network service provider has reached an agreement with TSIC, a global tier 1 network services provider, expanding its capability in providing enhanced network connectivity services in Africa.

The move makes Workonline Communications the South African network with the highest number of directly interconnected global tier 1 transits.

“Through collaboration with TSIC, we are able to enhance the quality of connectivity for our customers into Europe, Eurasia, Russia and the Americas whilst creating opportunities for TSIC’s customers to connect with their African counterparts. Additionally, the collaboration will result in improved reach, routing, network resilience, stability and lower latency for those making use of these networks,” explains Workonline Communications co-founder and Director of Business Development, Edward Lawrence.

Workonline Communications is an innovative service provider of wholesale fibre-based connectivity and IP transit services.  The organisation is focusing on the further expansion of connectivity services in Africa through collaboration with leading global players. “Our aim is to improve the quality of Africa’s Internet connectivity while simultaneously driving down costs,” he says.

“TSIC’s fiber backbone allows us to continue providing the lowest latency transit services possible to clients, and puts us in a prime position to provide world-class services to southern African internet service providers.” concludes Lawrence.


About Workonline Communications

Workonline Communications is an innovative pan-African Network Service Provider. Founded in South Africa in 2006, Workonline is focused on providing connectivity and IP transit services to the wholesale market. Its customers include some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. The company prides itself on the stability, resilience and redundancy provisions of its global network, which it operates according to the highest standards. | Twitter @wolcomm

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About TeliaSonera International Carrier

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We are a part of the TeliaSonera group, Europe’s 5th largest operator with 185 million subscriptions from the Nordics to Nepal.

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