As part of its commitment to assisting African networks to further develop their global footprint, pan-African terrestrial Network Service Provider, Workonline Communications is offering access to the world’s largest Internet Exchanges (IXs) from Africa.

The company’s relationship with the London Internet Exchange (LINX) is one of the most recent successes in this regard. Since launching its offer for remote peering services to LINX, just over two months ago, Workonline Communications is now the South African network with the highest number of LINX reseller ports.

With over 650 members connecting from over 65 different countries worldwide, LINX members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners, which Workonline Communications is now making available to their clients in sub-Saharan Africa.

Edward Lawrence, Director of Business Development for Workonline Communications explains, “Workonline’s portfolio of carrier-focused services enables our clients to extend their reach to new markets and enhance their existing services. Reaching LINX peers over the Workonline network (either using a partial transit or a remote peering service) helps Internet Service Providers in sub-Saharan Africa to make the most of the benefits of peering at LINX (such as delivering high quality IP transit services and reducing IP transit costs) without having to build and manage their own infrastructure in Europe.”

John Souter, Chief Executive Officer for LINX said: “With the ever increasing demand for interconnections between network operators in London, our ConneXions partners provide an important service for networks wishing to participate remotely, particularly in emerging markets. Africa is a rapidly developing new market and we’re delighted to see the progress of Workonline as a reseller in this region”.

LINX and Workonline are sponsors at Open Access, a ‘by invitation only’ event in Cape Town on 18 November.